Beverly Hills Diet: Useful in Moderation

by Deborah Hall
(Shelly Beach South Africa)

I have done the first 3 weeks of The Beverly Hills Diet since the book came out in the 80s (maybe around 85 I started) almost every year.

After I always feel revitalized, detoxed, and I find the advice in the book still quite relevant.

When I was living in Switzerland I knew several people who ate what the Germans call 'Trennkost' which is also based on the theory that the body battles with digesting too many types of food at once, and therefore they also eat separate types of food at the different times. They also claim to feel mostly vital, and do not put on weight by sticking to this 'theory'.

As I have only done it for 3 weeks of the year, and otherwise eat moderately, balanced and normal, I cannot ever imagine it having a negative effect.

I find some of the criticism unfair, and never had a problem with it.

I do feel tired during the first week, but have also fasted on several occasions for a week or ten days, on juice or juice and water (supervised in a spa) and it is 'normal' when going through a 'de-tox', to feel a little light headed and weaker than usual.

She also emphasized in her books that it is not advisable to exercise while doing the 'diet'.
Of course you can't perform as usual when your calorie reduction is reduced.

Oprah Winfrey showed a multi-millionaire on her program last year who eats a 'reduced calorie' diet and has the medical age of a 20 yr old, at the age of 81 - so maybe there is something in low calorie living.

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