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Hi! Suzette here. Welcome to the Men's Nutrition portion of my website.

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Want to hear something funny? We've all heard of "Lite" or "Light" beer. It's one of the most successful products in history. And beer is a man's drink, right?

Well, before they called it "Lite," they tried calling it "Diet." And you know what?

It was one of the most unsuccessful products in history!

Men think about men's nutrition differently

Many men think of diet as a feminine word. That's why Coca-Cola recently introduced Coke Zero.

Get the word Diet out of there. For the men.

Now just because men think differently... doesn't mean they don't care about nutrition, health, fitness and weight. Men do want to look and feel good - though sometimes for different reasons than women, and sometimes they go about it in different ways.

Because of all that, I want to try something radical. I'm handing over some of the Men's Nutrition portion of my site to my husband. Even though he isn't a Registered Dietitian.

man with tools

He's lean, he's one of the fittest people I know, and he eats quite well...for the most part! (I've seen him eat a bag of potato chips so fast I thought it was a magic trick!) He's also incredibly hunky.

So here he is. But don't worry, I'll be looking over his shoulder just to make sure he keeps his facts straight.

Hey, everybody. Husband here.

Suzette's right. We men think about food, health and fitness in our own way. So whether you're a man - or a woman who just happens to love a man - let's talk smart about men's nutrition.

I love food, and I love to play. I play hard, so I can eat a lot of food. And I eat a lot of food... I can play hard.

Men's Weight Loss Tips

Those things feel good to me. But it isn't always easy. Sometimes I just want to eat junk. Sometimes I want to skip a workout (or three).

So I'm gonna talk a little in this portion of the site about how I think. About how I:

  • choose fitness and find time for it
  • eat well without feeling punished (and without dieting)
  • monitor my weight to make sure weight doesn't become a problem
  • choose health (by considering the alternative!)
  • think about men's nutrition AND fitness
  • other tips

Do you like to get the most from your workout? When you play sports, do you play to win? Suzette - who just happens to be a fitness competition champion - has written a great, easy-to-understand page on workout nutrition.



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I'm 45 years old as I write this, with a resting heart rate of 48, a BMI of 23 and 13% body fat.

But those are just numbers. The important thing is I feel healthy and happy.

That's why men's nutrition is important to me. Now could somebody pass me a light beer?

Quick note from Suzette: Once in awhile I explicitly recommend another site. As someone who weight trains, I know that one way to increase metabolism is to increase muscle mass. That's why this site should be of interest:

Weight Training/Lifting Exercises
Provides Information on Weight Training and Weight Lifting exercises to reach your Muscle Building and Weight Loss Goals faster than you ever thought possible.

- Also check their  Weight Loss Tips/Exercises Section.

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