Men's Weight Loss Tips:
Outsmart the Scale!

Men don't normally share weight loss tips, but I'm sharing mine. Just don't tell anybody.

I've never been overweight, but my weight has varied by as much as 30 pounds during adulthood. Here are the things I do when I'm trying to get back to a weight where I feel healthier.

1) Limit availability

I work from home. That means I live just down the hall from my refrigerator.

Let me tell you: if I filled that refrigerator with all the foods I love, there's no way I'd weigh what I do today.

I keep temptation at bay by making the unhealthy foods I love...

...inconvenient. How's that for a weight loss trick? You can't eat what you can't find!

2) I weigh myself regularly

Some diet experts claim this is a bad idea, but for someone trying to keep from gaining weight, I recommend it.

By weighing myself regularly, I catch weight gain before it gets too painful to correct. The last thing I want to do is have to go on a diet.

In other words, a great weight loss tip is don't gain weight.

3) I make small changes, one at a time

I'll tell you, I think people fail at dieting because they make it too hard. Maybe the only way to quit smoking is cold turkey, but to quit eating is not a healthy way to lose weight.

I've improved my diet over the years by improving it a tiny bit at a time. As I age and my metabolism slows down, that helps me keep the weight off.

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