Avoid Freshman Weight Gain
Beat the Freshman Fifteen

Understanding HOW and WHY freshman weight gain happens is half the battle in keeping it from squeezing into your jeans with you by Christmas break.

I'm a dietitian experienced in working with college weight gain and the dreaded "frosh 15."

Allow me to share my professional advice about freshman 15 weight gain here:

Freshman 15 Statistics: Fact or Folklore?

Research suggests there is some truth to unwanted freshman weight gain. Find out how much college weight gain you can expect.

Course 101: Causes of Freshman Weight Gain

Understand the freshman 15 causes. Avoid the notorious freshman fifteen. It's that simple. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Course 102: The Dreaded Freshman Fifteen - Top Calorie Culprits

Understand how and why excess calories are likely to sneak into your college diet and take these steps to make sure they don't!

Course 103: How to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen

Once you understand the causes of Freshman 15 weight gain, you can use these simple strategies to prevent if from squeezing into your jeans with you.

Course 104: Prevent College Weight Gain: Staying Active

Find out the definition of "under-exercising," and learn how it contributes to freshman 15 weight gain. Use the simple time management exercise provided to determine how you'll fit in everything you need to/want to do!

Course 105: Healthy Eating in College: Timeless Tips

Healthy eating principles to help you avoid freshman weight gain. Find out what to stock your dorm room or apartment refrigerator with, what to choose at a salad bar, how to manage cafeteria eating, etc. Get suggestions for smart meal choices so you'll always know what to eat!

Freshman 15 Stories

Tell your own story or read someone else's and learn from their mistakes!

Freshman 15 Challenge

Avoid the dreaded Freshman Fifteen by being part of the Official Freshman 15 Challenge.

First year college weight gain has become such an accepted phenomenon that Webster's New Millenniumâ„¢ Dictionary of English even has an entry for the term:

freshman 15 n. The average amount of weight gained by students during their first year of college; also written "freshman fifteen."

But there's good news...

...the freshman fifteen is not inevitable.

Understand the cause. Discover the solution. Avoid the freshman fifteen.

Unfortunately "the frosh 15" is not a chapter in any nutrition text. But, it's the most valuable lesson you'll learn all year!

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