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Diet and Nutrition Questions

Now is your chance to ask your burning diet and nutrition questions.

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Ooopss, RIGHT NOW isn't your chance......

Questions are piling up faster than I can answer, I'm getting swamped.

So if you are seeing this, I've removed the "ask a question" option for now so I don't get too far behind.

Please read through the list of fitness and diet questions and answers below. It's highly likely that someone else has/had the same burning question as you and you'll likely find your answer below.

I'll be open for questions again in the future, so come back soon!


Diet and Nutrition Questions

Weight Loss Questions Weight Loss Surgery Questions General Diet and Nutrition Questions Fitness and Diet Questions
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Weight Loss Questions:

Questions about how to lose weight and how to lose weight "quickly" are hands down, the most common questions I get asked:

Weight Loss Surgery Questions:

Would YOU have surgery for weight loss?

General Diet and Nutrition Questions:

Diet and Nutrition Questions About Weight Gain:

Fitness and Diet Questions:

Metabolism Questions:

Diet and Nutrition Questions About Healthy College Eating:

Questions About How to Become a Nutritionist/Dietitian:

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