Trying To Lose Weight Fast

by Nyasha

I am trying to lose weight & eat healthy but I honestly don't know what types of food are good for me. I am a very picky eater.

1) What types of water based foods can I eat that will fill me faster?

2) What types of other foods can I eat that will fill me faster?

3) What types of foods can I eat that will help me lose weight faster?


You have the right idea about eating a greater number of "watery foods." These types of foods fill you up (because of the water weight) but are low in calories. Read more about eating your water.

If you want to see results "fast," try diet meal delivery! It's a nice way to jump start healthy eating and to re-educate yourself about proper portion sizes. The menus can be adjusted (to some degree) to accommodate your preferences.

Be sure to read up on my weight loss tips and pay special attention to the weight loss toolbox and the list of "most common weight loss mistakes."

Here are some quick, healthy menu suggestions to get you started on your weight loss journey.

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