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The bottom line if you're trying to watch your bottom line is that calories matter.

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Use these meatless menu suggestions to start following a vegetarian diet or simply to increase the number of plant centered meals you eat.

In a world where carb grams, sugar grams and protein grams have taken center stage, the concept of kcals has gotten totally lost!

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Every time you eat something it "costs" you calories (kcals). You have a certain number you can "afford." (Wanna know how many?) However, if you eat over and above your "budget," you wind up carrying those extra kcals around with you in the form of...

...body fat. And somehow, each extra calorie seems to know how to find the part of your body you want it to go to the least. Like the waistline. Or butt. Or thighs.

Why can't they just go to our toes?!

If you try to put 20 gallons in your 15 gallon gas tank, what happens? It overflows, right? It doesn't matter if you fill up with premium gas or diesel fuel. Trying to squeeze 20 gallons into a 15 gallon tank just doesn't make sense.

The same is true regarding kcals. Too many in your "tank" means body fat stored on your caboose. :(

Read about how many extra calories it takes to gain one pound of fat.

You'd be surprised how fast the numbers add up when you actually start paying attention! That's why this section of the website is devoted to helping you see all the dark places in your diet where excess kcals lurk.

Hidden Calories:
Where are
excess calories
sneaking into
your diet?


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So in case you haven't noticed it, take a hard look at the scary list on your right!


Click the links to learn about all the places excess kcals might be sneaking into your diet...

...and then use it as an opportunity to make small cutbacks.

Is sugar your vice? Too much sugar = too many kcals. Learn how to STOP sugar cravings.

Small cutbacks in calories build on one another

In other words, smart, painless snips to your diet can result in a mountain of weight loss!

Did you know that if you order a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger, you reduce caloric intake by 100? Do that 3 times per week and experience a savings of 15,600 per year (300 per week x 52 weeks)!

That's the equivalent of 4.5 pounds. Or...

Order a "tall" nonfat latte instead of a "grande". At a 40 calorie savings with a 5 day per week habit, you'll be creating a caloric deficit of 200 per week. In other words, 3 pounds a year from one simple change!

Calorie Cutback Strategies For:

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Make small caloric changes like that...

...every day.

Let time go by...

...and watch the pounds disappear!

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