Body Fat:
See It, Lose It

Trying to get rid of excess fat?

Then place a body fat replica in plain view a constant reminder!

body fat picture

Nothing like a blob of fat on the kitchen counter as a blatant reminder that you shouldn't dig into the snack drawer after dinner!

For the times when you need a little bit of extra motivation...

...taking a hard look at a big ol' glob of disgusting body fat may be just what you need to help pass on dessert.

Would such a reminder help you?

Each 1 pound blob represents 3,500 (excess) calories

That's right. When you consume more calories than you burn, you store the excess calories as fat...aka extra poundage on the scale.

5 pounds therefore represents 17,500 calories that have been consumed, but not burned off.

So excess flab simply means your eating is outrunning your exercise. To lose weight you have to turn that around!

The Fat Everyone Loves to Hate

In my work as a dietitian, I love to use visuals. I never go anywhere without my fat. That is to say...

...I rarely present a lecture or have a consultation without showing my fat replicas. Everyone loves to hate them!

People ask me all the time where I get the fat replicas, and how they can get one too.

If they're too gross to have around, try keeping five pound sacks of flour on the counter. If you need to lose 20 pounds, keep 4 out. Each time you lose 5 pounds, put one away!

Whether it's sacks of flour or body fat models, visuals are great tools to add to your bag of weight loss tricks. Because seeing is believing!

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