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There's a way to make GREAT quick meals that are also HEALTHY quick meals.

Guide To Quick Meal Ideas

Quick Meal Ideas

Quick Menu Suggestions

Healthy Breakfasts

Quick Healthy Lunch Ideas

Creative Salads

5 Minute Meals

Quick B, L, D: No Recipes Required!

Quick Vegetarian Meals

Speed Scratch Cooking

MY Favorite Fast (Kid Friendly) Meals


Quick Meal Tips

How to Plan Nutritionally Balanced Meals

FREE Meal Planner Templates

10 Fast Meal Tips

Must Have Ingredients

Try Diet Meal Delivery in a Pinch

Organize Your Recipes:

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Create a Healthy Grocery List


Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don't leave home without it! Use these quick and easy, healthy breakfast suggestions to jumpstart your day.

Quick Healthy Lunch Ideas

Keep lunch interesting with some quick meal ideas for:

  • Sandwiches
  • Cold Salads
  • Lettuce Salads
  • Kid Friendly Lunches

Creative Salads

Salads aren't just a side dish anymore. Using my simple "salad formula," discover how you can make great quick meals for lunch or dinner that are nutritionally balanced and satisfy hunger.

5 Minute Meals

Here are 30 quick meal ideas that take less than 5 minutes to prepare and contain all the components necessary for a nutritionally balanced meal. Good if you're cooking for one or eating on the "lighter" side.

Quick B, L, D: No Recipes Required!

Quick easy meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Get ideas about how to combine foods to make balanced meals.

Quick Vegetarian Meals

Use these meatless menu suggestions to start following a vegetarian diet or simply to increase the number of plant centered meals you eat.

Speed Scratch Cooking

"Speed Scratch Cooking" is a way to make great quick meals that are healthy too.

The rules:

Start with a good quality, healthy, prepared or semiprepared convenience product, then add some healthy ingredients of your own.

The end result:

A one-of-a-kind "home cooked meal" in much less time.

MY Favorite Fast (Kid Friendly) Meal Ideas

My Top 5 all time favorite quick easy meal ideas. These get my dietitian's thumbs up for being quick, yummy, and healthy!

Quick Meal Ideas: Sushi

Japanese restaurants and sushi are GREAT choices for healthy quick meals at lunch or dinner. Use this "Calories in Sushi" chart to keep your meal in check with a calorie controlled diet.

How to Plan Nutritionally Balanced Fast Meals

Throwing together well rounded meals simply requires you to keep these basic nutrition principles in mind...and a few basic foods on hand.

FREE Meal Planner Templates

Getting and staying organized makes healthy quick meals a breeze.

Keep a blank menu planner in front of you as you peruse the quick meal ideas and fill it in as you find the great quick meals you plan to prepare. Choose from a selection of FREE printable meal planners including:

  • Weekly Meal Planning Template(Dinner Only)
  • Weekly Meal Planning Template(All Meals)
  • Monthy Meal Planner

10 Fast Meal Tips

These quick meal tips will help you put a nutritious meal on the table in no time flat!

Must Have Ingredients

The secret to quick healthy quick meals and quick lowfat meals is to shop smart and have the right ingredients on hand.

Find out the ingredients your kitchen should never be without.

Diet Meal Delivery

What could be faster than having someone else cook your food, portion it, and deliver it. This type of service is good to use if you're in a pinch and particularly useful if you're trying to lose weight.

Organize Recipes By Hand

In order to throw quick easy meal ideas together, you need to be organized!

Organize Recipes Electronically

Organizing recipes will likely help you cook at home more often and enjoy a greater number of healthy meals. If you're comfortable on the computer, recipe managament software may be right for you.

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