eDiets Meal Delivery
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ediets diet meal delivery
eDiets Meal Delivery

If you're trying to lose weight and want to be sure you're eating "the right" amount of food, you have 2 really good options:

1. See a dietitian (like me) who will calculate your calories and then explain how they translate into ounces, cups and tablespoons (i.e. proper portions!) of food at every meal. Then, go grocery shopping for all that good food, weigh, measure and prepare it at meal times (and possibly even keep a diet journal so that you have a record of what you're doing).

Sound like a lotta work? I recommend it (contact me), but if the thought of doing all that is overwhelming to you, that's a major barrier to eating healthy and losing weight.

Okay, so here's option #2, another way to ensure that you're eating the right amount of food...

2. Use a diet meal delivery service such as eDiets meal delivery (also called "Deliciously Yours"). They cook the food, portion it, and deliver it. All you have to do is eat it! (While NOT eating anything else.)

eDiets Meal Delivery

  1. Decide on a menu
  2. Order your food
  3. Open the door when UPS knocks with your stay fresh cooler full of food for the week
  4. Transer your meals to the refrigerator
  5. Heat and eat at mealtimes
  6. Repeat the following week(s), if desired.

No shopping, weighing, measuring, cooking, and cleaning required. Your odds of successsfully losing weight just got better!

My clients swear it beats food journaling. Now, I don't entirely agree. There's value in knowing how to feed yourself well and in moderation. But in this busy world...

eDiets Meal Delivery Options

  • 7-Day Complete Program
  • 5-Day "Weekends Free" Program (freedom to plan your own sensible meals 2 days a week, be it on the weekend or not)

A day includes 3 meals and one snack or dessert. And here's the exciting part...

eDiets meal delivery is completely customizable. You get to pick the specific meals and snacks each week.

eDiets Meal Delivery Service Includes:

...free access to eDiets online weight loss program. That means:

  • 24/7/365 access to personalized fitness plans
  • Expert support from Registered Dietitians and fitness trainers
  • Member support
  • Recipes
  • Health and nutrition news
  • Weight loss tools

(See my full diet review of eDiets' weight loss program, which goes beyond meal delivery. Or go directly to eDiets.com to see what they offer.)

Note! eDiets also has a special Deliciously Yours meal delivery program specifically for use with Alli.

Cost of Having Diet Meals Delivered

I was shocked myself to discover it's quite reasonable. If you eat out frequently you might even find it downright cheap. eDiets delivery prices start at $15.95/day (subject to change) + shipping/handling. (However, there's always a special being offered.)

That's just a little more than $5/meal. I know when I eat out I can spend more than $15.95 on a single dinner!

Your own private chef

Now I bet you never thought of having your own private chef. Or if you did, it was less a thought and more a fantasy! Thanks to eDiets diet delivery, you don't have to be rich and famous to enjoy the pleasure of someone else cooking for you.



  Pepper Chicken  
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Learn Home Cooking
  Helping YOU learn what you need to know to create delicious and healthy meals for your family.  

And I mean really cooking for you. This is real food, not canned, frozen, or powdered. There are over 100 meals to choose from and the food is delivered fresh, after having been prepared by "your" chef. (Let's call him Francois.)

How does the food taste? Well, eDiets was rated #1 (of 5 diet delivery plans sampled) for best taste AND nutrition by epicurious.com. (Yay, Francois!) But you can decide for yourself.

(Note: eDiets themselves suggests that they are NOT a great option if you have problems with food allergies or are a very picky eater.)

Have diet meals delivered for a week to jumpstart your weight loss effort, or count on them for long-term weight loss...or maybe something in between.

eDiets meal delivery is there for you if you want it and it's a good, viable option to help you lose weight, eat healthier, save time, and possibly even save money.

Bon appetit.

Get one FREE day of meals with your first eDiets meal delivery order.

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