Hidden Calories:
Have They Snuck Up On You?

I can think of two kinds of hidden calories.

The first kind is the kind it's hard to get a handle on. Restaurants don't tell you how many calories they've loaded onto your plate. Most forms of alcohol aren't required to list nutrition information on the label.

The second kind of calories in hiding are the ones you don't think about. The coffee you drink not for its nutritional value but because it keeps you awake. The sodas you drink in place of water. The food you eat off your kids' plates. The bites you take when your spouse says, "You've gotta try this!"

If you're focused on weight loss - or simply on not gaining weight - these nearly invisible calories may be the ones that are keeping you from meeting your goals. So let's shine some light on them and bring them out into the open!

In my experience with clients, these are some of the most prominent sources of hidden, sneaky calories. Have they snuck up on you? Or are you facing some other sneaky calorie culprits?

I can't think of a better way to get a handle on your calorie culprits than by keeping a detailed food journal. Have you ever kept one? Chances are you should. They're the best way to fight hidden calories.

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