Coffee Calories

Coffee Calories and Coffee Nutrition Facts


Coffee Type Calories per 8 oz. cup
Black Coffee, regular 5
Black Coffee, decaf 5

Coffee Nutrition Facts

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Black coffee calories are negligible as you can see from the chart above. It's when you start "lightening" and "sweetening" that the numbers start adding up.

Coffee Creamer Nutrition Facts

The following nutrition data is for 1 individual creamer container (which is equal to 1 Tablespoon or 1/2 oz.)

"Whitener" Calories Carb g. Fat g.
heavy cream 50 0 6
half & half 20 1 2
"fat free" half  & half 10 1.5 0.2
whole milk 10 1 0.5
2% milk 8 1 0.3
skim milk (fat free milk) 6 <1 < 0.1

Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers:

liquid, unflavored 20 2 1
liquid, unflavored, lowfat 10 1 0.5
liquid, unflavored, fat free 10 2 0
liquid, flavored 35 5 1.5
liquid, flavored, fat free 25 5 0
liquid, flavored, sugar free 15 1 1
powder, unflavored 30 3 1.5
powder, unflavored, lite 10 2 0
powder, unflavored, fat free 30 6 0
powder, flavored 45 7 2
powder, flavored, fat free 40 8 0
powder, flavored, sugar free 30 2 2.5

Sugar Calories

Type of Sweetner Calories Per Packet
Sugar 11
Splenda 4
Sweet 'N' Low 2
Sweet One 0
Stevia 0
Flavored Syrup (1 pump/ 0.4 oz.) 20
Sugar Free Syrup (1 pump/ 0.4 oz.) 0

A Note About Coffee Calories

Back in the good ol' days, adding cream and sugar to coffee was "indulgent."

But in the age of Starbucks, coffee calories have taken on a whole new meaning.

Let's face it: when coffee starts acting (and tasting) like a milkshake, it's kind of misleading to think of it as "just" having coffee.

A grande lowfat white chocolate mocha packs the same amount of calories as a McDonald's triple thick chocolate shake!

Coffee Drink Size Calories
Starbucks Latte 16 oz. 220
Starbucks Mocha (no whip) 16 oz. 290
Starbucks Mocha (whip) 16 oz. 360
Starbucks Cappuccino 16 oz. 140
White Chocolate Mocha (whip) 20 oz. 620
McDonalds Latte 16 oz. 180
McDonalds Mocha 16 oz. 330

(More information about Starbucks coffee calories.)

Coffee Weight Gain

I have a friend who never liked coffee...until he discovered coffee tastes especially good when loaded up with cream and sugar. This man, I should mention, is a scientist, and was also a well-conditioned athlete.

Well, this scientist started packing on the pounds and didn't know why. After all, all he was drinking was "coffee!"

Well, I had him do the math. This new addition to his diet - which tasted so good and perked him up too - was amounting to over a thousand calories a day.

How fast do you think the weight came off when he cut out the coffee altogether?

Fast. Double digits in a few short weeks. And you know what? He reported feeling better too. Caffeine was actually sapping his energy, and just like with any other drug, he needed more and more to get his energy boost!

That's the double whammy that sweetened, fattened coffee poses. It tastes so good, and it makes you need more.

Do yourself a favor

If weight loss or weight maintenance are issues for you, figure out how many coffee calories you're getting from your daily habit.

Keep a food diary for a week and tally all the calories in coffee you're consuming. If you're like most people, the number will surprise you.

Action Plan for Reducing Coffee Calories
  • Reduce
  • Replace
  • Eliminate

...the added cream and sugar!

Small changes make big differences...over time.

Substitute whole milk for half and half and save 10 calories for each Tablespoon.

If you add 2 Tablespoons to each cup of coffee, and drink 3 cups of coffee/day, that's a potential 60 calorie savings/day. That translates to a 6 pound weight loss over a year.

Avoid Coffee "Drinks"

This one's a no-brainer. Added junk like mocha syrup, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate and sprinkles make the calories skyrocket.

If you must indulge, make sure you order the smallest size.

Reduce Your Overall Coffee Consumption.

Reducing your caffeine intake can have additional health benefits. It is a drug after all! Try drinking green tea instead.

Think about WHY you drink coffee. I know lots of people who think they NEED coffee to "get through" the day. But your mind could be telling you you need coffee just because your tummy wants a yummy coffee milkshake! Try this: imagine yourself taking caffeine pills...

Does that have less appeal than a fatty, sugary coffee drink? Does it make you consider the fact that caffeine - as well as coffee - is really a drug?

Yes, kicking coffee can be hard. But it can benefit your waistline, your pocketbook, your energy level and your overall health. And it might be the easiest way to lose weight out there!

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