Burger King Calories
Hold the Mayo!

Burger King calories

If you could have it YOUR way, I'm guessing you'd opt for all the taste of those Burger King calories without all their consequence to your health and waistline.

Order this instead of this Calories
any Whopper sandwich without mayo any Whopper sandwich with mayo 160
double hamburger Angus steak burger 230
hamburger cheeseburger 40
BBQ or sweet-n-sour sauce honey mustard or buffalo sauce 40-50
small onion rings small fries 90
Hershey sundae pie small Oreo sundae shake, chocolate 370!
small-large vanilla milkshake small-large chocolate milkshake 60-130
french toast sticks-3 piece french toast kids meal with syrup 440
medium Coke, Sprite, or Dr. Pepper King Coke, Sprite, or Dr. Pepper 190
jam syrup 50

If I could have it MY way, I'd have legal charges brought against Burger King for thinking it's ok to offer the things they do.

Come on... is a 950 calorie chocolate milkshake really necessary, or a burger stacked 4 beef patties high?

If you've found this page, I'm guessing you're concerned with Burger King calories and their potential effect on your health and/or thighs. And you should be!

The good news?

I'm here to help. As your personal nutrition guide, it's my job to help you navigate through the Burger King calorie jungle and come out alive!

Like with other fast food restaurants , the advice I give is to:

Use a cutback approach...

...vs. a cutout approach.

That means you can still enjoy your favorite fast foods, but you'll make slight adjustments in how your order so as to make a significant cutback in calories.

Why? Because calories matter. Excess calories are the cause of excess weight and health problems. (But you probably know that, since that's why you've found yourself reading this page!)

Notice I suggest a slight cutback, vs. a drastic one. That's because I witness daily the consequence of drastic dieting cutbacks...failure!

You can still have your burger. But, if you normally order the "quad" (God help you!) then start ordering the "triple." That's a slight cutback, and yet it's also a 200 calorie savings. Do that 3x/week and you'd lose 9 pounds in a year!

Better vs Best

If you can't be "best," (which might mean eating a veggie burger or a burger cooked at home made from organic grass fed beef), you can always be "better."

And "better" simply means making slightly better choices most of the time. No, a "triple" isn't health food by any means. But it's certainly better than a "quad!"

Reducing Burger King calories is pretty easy:

  • Order slightly smaller options (large vs king, double or triple vs quad, etc.)
  • Request slightly less added "stuff" (ie., less cheese, sauces, dressings, syrup, jam, butter, and especially mayo.)

Burger King is particularly heavy handed with the mayo. You can save 160 calories per sandwich by requesting sandwiches without mayo.

If you can't live without the mayo, tell the cashier, "Hold the mayo," and then add ONE packet of mayo yourself. This way, YOU control how many Burger King calories you're adding. One packet costs you 80 calories, so you'll still be 80 calories ahead!

See how your favorite condiments contribute to your Burger King calories:

How quickly condiment calories add up at Burger King:

mayonnaise, 1 pkt. 80
ketchup, 1 pkt. 10
jam, 1 pkt. 30
breakfast syrup, 1 serving 80
bacon, 1 strip 15
BBQ or sweet-n-sour sauce, 2 Tbsp. 40-45
buffalo or honey mustard dipping sauce, 2 Tbsp. 80-90
Ranch dipping sauce, 2 Tbsp. 140
Zesty onion ring dipping sauce, 2 Tbsp. 150
fat free Ranch dressing, 4 Tbsp. 60
light Italian dressing, 4 Tbsp. 120
Ranch or creamy Caesar dressing, 4 Tbsp. 190-210
Honey Mustard dressing, 4 Tbsp. 270
garlic Parmesan croutons 60

Ketchup might look innocent, but use 4 packets, 5 days a week and you've added 200 calories to your diet. If you cutback by 50% and use only 2 packets, you'd lose 10 pounds in a year!

Oh, and we haven't even talked about beverages yet. By now you know ordering a small or medium drink instead of a large or king would be a good idea. Also consider mixing regular soda and diet soda 50/50 to reduce calories by 50% You'll get the taste you like, while reducing some excess calories you don't need.

Don't see your favorite Burger King food mentioned here? Look up the Burger King calories in your usual order.

The compounding effect of time

Saving 50 calories here or 90 calories there might not seem like very much to you. Well, I have good news...

...it can make a huge difference over time.

That means you'd lose 9.4 pounds per year if you make a simple and slight 90 calorie cutback daily.

Make slight cutbacks, consistently...

...and let time go by!

Now that's the way to have your cake (I mean fries) and eat them too, while still losing weight.

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