Eyes are bigger than tummy

by Kathy
(Fountain Inn SC)

I've lost 60 pounds recently, but still have a few pounds to get rid of and then of course the problem of keeping it off. After 46 years of overeating it is taking work to break the habit. I know your site stresses mindful eating, but I still have a problem THINKING I can eat more than I actually CAN. Will my eyes EVER shrink to the new size of my tummy? I do measure my portions, but I always "think" I can eat more...


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Inner Child vs Inner Parent
by: Suzette Kroll-Barancik, RD

There's always room for more! Even when we're stuffed we can usually find/make room for more (dessert, for example). I think it's human nature to WANT more than we NEED.

Think of all the material things we WANT (jewelry, cars, bigger houses, more clothes, etc.) but don't really need. Think back to when your kids were young...didn't they want EVERYTHING in the toy store? YOU, as the parent had to exert some control.

I have a theory that we all have an inner child who wants, wants, wants. If we let the child in us make the decisions, the result is likely not going to be good!

The inner parent has to step up to the plate in order to distinguish "want" from "need."

In those situations where you find yourself THINKING you can eat more than you can/should, ask yourself, "what would the parent in me do if my child was saying this?"

It's ok to always want food, but how you act on that "want" will make all the difference in the world as to whether you maintain that 60 pound weight loss.

Get really good at distinguishing between want and need and you'll enjoy lifelong weight loss success (did I just say that or did I read that in a fortune cookie LOL).

If I could invent the pill that would make a person satisfied when she's had just enough, I'd be writing you from a beach in Maui. :)

Congrats on the 60 pounds!!

Portioning Food
by: Linda Lombardo

I find putting the food in measure amounts works for me. I would portion out what I could have into snack baggies or small containers for my lunch.

It helps to get a smaller plate. Do not make the mistake of piling on the food. Go for smaller amounts and do not go back for more.

Get up and walk away!


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