Afternoon Jiggle

Belly Fat Jiggle

Belly Fat Jiggle

Help me!

For YEARS I have wondered why when I wake up in the morning my stomach is flat and lovely! Then within a few hours it is jiggly!

It has been this way before and after I've had my children. It is very frustrating! I get up in the morning and just want it to stay that way. I have googled this but can't find a clear reason.

I drink coffee every morning with fake sugar(right now it's stevia extract) and sugar free french vanilla creamer(splenda). Then the rest of the day it varies. I am not big water drinker. Is it a certain type of food or a combo of type of food and low water intake?

I don't drink water all night but wake up flat! I would like to do an elimination diet but I don't know where to start. Just to be clear, I don't feel bloated. No fullness or gassy feeling. Just the jiggly, love handles within a few hours! Thanks in advance for your help!


It sounds like you're simply experiencing the feeling of food and fluid being in your stomach.

You weigh the least in the morning. Over the course of the day weight can fluctuate by 1-10 pounds depending on how much you eat and drink. However, this is usually fluid weight...not fat weight. That's why your stomach feels "flat" again in the a.m.

See detailed information about body fat and weight loss.

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