Tips to Lose Weight When Family Needs to Gain

by Amanda

How to Lose Weight When Family Members Need to Gain Weight?

I am currently trying to lose weight. I am counting my calories and the exercise I am doing. Since I just started I am not sure if is working as good as needed.

But I am struggling with how to base my meals on the whole family. My daughter is under weight and the doctors keep telling me how to fix her problem. I am working on my will power to leave things alone so she can have the "fat". She also would rather eat the healthy stuff so the "fat" is eaten all by my son who is on border line of under weight.

How can I plan meals for this and what snacks can I have for all of us to enjoy and still not over spend at the grocery store?

Without a diet I am eating about 2000 calories a day. Since I have problems with my disc and back spasms I have to watch how long I am on my feet and sitting.

The exercise is fine with the way I am doing now. I am doing about 30-40 min a day Monday through Friday and trying to get out of the house for bike rides, ball play, playing at the park with my kids on Saturday and Sunday. That, I assume, makes up for not doing the exercise on those days (and more time with kids).

Both of them also have ADHD, and eat more than they burn since meds don't work after school.

What can I do to help me lose weight and to help my children gain weight by October when my husband comes home from Iraq?


It definitely sounds like you have your hands full!

I'd suggest preparing healthy, lowfat meals for the entire family, and reducing your own portion size (use a small, child plate for yourself), while allowing your children larger portions. You can also boost the calorie content of their meals by adding healthy fats after the meal has been prepared. Try adding nuts to salads for example, butter to rolls, or avocado to a taco after serving.

You can also boost your children's calorie intake by giving them calorie rich snacks such as nuts and dried fruit, granola cereal, or peanut butter on crackers.

Good job on your calorie counting. I recommend keeping a food journal as well!

Read more about weight loss here and see my favorite weight loss tools.

You can also get a week of quick, healthy menu ideas here and a month of ideas here.

Keep up the good work and keep us updated.

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