Eating Fruits

by Gina

I usually never feel hungry in the mornings so I just grab a fruit because it's a healthy choice.

I feel the same way at night (never very hungry) and grab a fruit then too. I don't like to eat really fatty foods at night.

So I'm noticing that I eat only fruits all day and the same type of fruit too.

I sometimes eat energy based foods, but only on occasions or when I feel like it.

I do eat food but I'm never that hungry so I eat a lot of fruits and only fruits everyday.

Is that really healthy??

Please help... What do you think???


In order to get all the nutrients you require, you need to eat a variety of foods from all of the foods groups.

If you don't feel very hungry, it's ok to eat small meals that contain at least 2-3 different food groups. These are examples of balanced "mini meals."

  • apple + string cheese

  • lowfat cottage cheese + sliced tomatoes

  • pb and banana on whole wheat bread

  • yogurt + fruit sprinkled with lowfat granola

  • almonds + low sodium tomato juice

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