Roux en Y: 6 Years Post-op and Need Help!

by Marcie


OK...this may sound really stupid...

...but I'm almost 6 years gastric bypass post op and I CRAVE Fritos on a daily basis.

I can eat a big bag on a daily basis which, yes, means I have gained 60 pounds back of my 163 pound original loss. What is making me want Fritos?

I have never really wanted them before the past few months and it's driving me crazy. I know it's more than likely salt or fat related but I did so well for so long that it's making me mad at myself. Do I need to take some kind of vitamin to make this go away.

I also crave potato salad -- did not touch the stuff before.


Thanks for writing!

Food cravings often occur as a result of low blood sugar.

If your calorie or carb intake is too low, you may be craving the Fritos simply to bring your blood sugar level up. Are you eating regular, balance meals, every few hours...

...or are you leaving a loooooooong time between meals? If the latter is true, you may be letting your blood sugar drop too low and be getting overly hungry as a consequence.

If you continue to crave the Fritos and make the decision to eat them... about choosing a small bag instead of a big bag?!

If you've gotten away from the basics of bariatric eating, here's a refresher:

Eat protein with every meal.

Eat every 3-4 hours.

Stay hydrated.

Avoid eating and drinking at the same time.

Take your daily vitamins.

Keep us updated!

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7 years post-op & I NEED HELP!!
by: Diane

Seeing this question already posted was good for me. I seem to be out-of-control lately & I too have gained about 45lbs from my 160+ weight loss. I am at the point now that I must do something. I like your website & will follow your guidelines as to what to eat for meals. I do know what I have to do - I just have to do it!!

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