Making Me Realize A Donut Won't Kill Me

by Anonymous

I just have a comment.

On Sunday, my fiance decided that he wanted donuts for breakfast. After my heart stopped palpatating, I told him not to get me any. After he went out, I realized that I have over the last few years, become obsessed and almost afraid of anything I put in my body.

See, my mother passed away last year from cancer and since then I have been overly concerned with my health. I felt like I had lost control of my life and felt like I could at least control what I eat. Well, it has become an unhealthy obsession. I realized that I had limited myself so much on the enemy (fat grams) that my weight quickly plunged to 96 lbs. (I'm up to 98 now)

So, Sunday morning, as I drooled over the idea of a jelly filled donut, I admitted to myself that I had a serious problem. While I wanted it so badly, the thought of allowing myself to eat a donut filled me with anxiety. I sat down at my computer and began searching 'how much should I eat in one day'.

Somehow, I stumbled upon your website. I read the things you have on here, calculated my caloric intake, read about surviving fast food and realized that I have been so worried about food, that I forgot how to just relax and enjoy a
good meal without feeling guilty.

This website has been a true eye-opener for me and has allowed me to step back and take a closer look at my relationship with food. I now know that I have been way under my daily needed calories and feel safe eating my meals. This will be a long road for me, but you have helped me in a huge way.

Thank you for this information.


Your story gave me chills. I'm just glad that my info helped! Keep me updated as to how you're doing!

Things are going good. I have been keeping running tallies of my calories everyday. Tuesday I ate a PB & J. It was soooo good. I haven't had one in so long b/c the fat grams on the back made me worry. Seems so silly now.

It's really hard though because I need 1700 calories a day and my fiance needs 3600! He is 6"1' and 165 and really active. I am only 5'2", 98 lbs. and moderately active. Any ideas on how to fix food to meet both our caloric intakes? He's trying to gain weight, too! Last night he ate two corn dogs as a snack. I hate him... :)

Thanks so much for your help.

Suzette: Glad to hear things are going better.

Keep in mind that the calculators on the website use formulas that PREDICT your needs....don't take them as the absolute word. You may need a little more or a little less. You weight will guide you.

You and your fiance can eat the same KINDS of foods, but he'll need greater AMOUNTS. When you eat one pbj, he may need two.

I'd suggest he add HEALTHY calories (for the most part) to help him gain weight....healthy fats like nuts, seeds, oil, and avocado and maybe larger portions of lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish) vs lots of junky food (like corn dogs!)

Keep up the good work!

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