How to Boost Metabolism

by Tasie

How can I speed up my metabolism?
Also, I have exercised induced can I work out?
I'll be going to college and won't have a lot of time...HELP! :D


It's certainly possible to boost your metabolism, but it isn't easy and it doesn't happen fast! In a nutshell, you'll need to eat small frequent meals and exercise regularly. Here are the details on how to boost metabolism naturally.

Also, read more about understanding your metabolism.

Exercise induced asthma certainly makes exercise more challenging. You may not be able to reach high levels of intensity and/or exercise for very long periods at a time. Using your inhaler should certainly help.

If you don't have a lot of time AND it's difficult to workout anyway because of your asthma, it's even MORE important to watch every bite, lick, nibble, and sip that goes into your mouth! Do this by keeping a food journal.

Weight is not lost or gained in days or even weeks. What you weigh today is a reflection of what you've been eating (and how much you have or haven't been exercising) for a long, long time. Keep in mind that there are no fattening foods...only fattening patterns.

College is a breeding ground for bad patterns:

  • late night snacking

  • eating when you study

  • grazing when you're bored

  • eating when and what your friends eat

  • snacking 'cause you're homesick

  • drinking alcohol

  • etc, etc.

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Keeping a food log will help identify any bad patterns you've fallen into.

Even the best exercise routine can't undo bad eating! If I were you, I'd focus on:

  1. Exercising as much as you're able (taking your schedule and your asthma into consideration)

  2. Keeping a close eye on what you eat.

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