Young, active, and yet where did those 10 lbs come from???

by Anonymous

I am a high school girl who is very active in track within the last year I have gained 10 pounds and I am determined to get them off. I've been trying really hard watching what I eat and the pounds just won't budge I am becoming very discouraged. I feel like I won't be able to run as fast or look as nice because of it. Do you have any suggestions?

I'm sorry I missed your initial email while I was away on business, but I hope the advice my support staff provided you was helpful! (Start keeping a food journal!) I understand how discouraging it can be when you feel like you are making an effort and you can't see any weight loss results. Whatever you do...don't give up!! Weight loss often takes time. Please let me know how things are going. Were you able to keep a food journal? Let me know how I can be of further help!

Hello-I have been keeping track of what I'm eating and I have found that I do like to snack on chocolate and stuff at night. I am trying to hold back on that now and it seems to be working. The pounds are slowly coming off but every once in awhile it goes back up and I don't understand why. Should I weigh everyday? That is what I have been doing but I don't know if that is the right thing to do. I just really would like to get these 5-10 pounds off before I start lifeguarding again because I have to walk around in my swim suit all day. Also I run long distance so every pound makes a difference.

Thanks for you help so far...

I'm glad keeping food records shed some light on the situation and I'm glad to hear the pounds are slowly coming off! Congrats!

I don't see a problem weighing every day as long as you understand you might see water weight fluctuations day to day. I recommend keeping track of your weight on a calendar and comparing Mon to Mon (or Wed to Wed...whatever you decide). Look at weekly and monthly TRENDS to get the best idea of what your weight is really doing.

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