Weight loss: 2 Weeks Post Weight Loss Surgery!

by Mindy
(Washington State)

Well I am almost two weeks post weight loss surgery and still on the liquid diet. I have been losing very consistently...about 15 pounds so far...but as soon as I started back on my protein shakes and all my vitamins, my weight loss has stopped.

I haven't gained but I have stayed the same for about 4 days. Is that normal or should I be concerned?

It can be a little frustrating but I don't know if this is typical or not. I am walking every day... some days not as much as others, but I am walking. I would love your advice.

Congrats on your weight loss surgery! Did you have the gastric bypass, gastric lap-band, or gastric sleeve?

What you are experiencing is completely normal! Weight loss can be very rapid in the first week or so and then may slow or stop. But don't worry. It's likely only temporary. Keep doing what you should be doing...drinking your protein shakes, drinking all your fluid, and taking your vitamins as your bariatric surgeon has directed. Things should start moving in the right direction soon.

It's also not a bad idea to keep a food journal. If, for any reason, your weight loss continues to stall, the food journal can be very a useful tool for determining why!

Gastric Bypass Food Journal
Gastric Band Food Journal
Gastric Sleeve Food Journal

Keep us updated!

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