Intuitive Eating

by Elizabeth
(Chicago, IL)

Lost hunger:

I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and so I've decided to stop eating when I'm just bored or tired or frustrated, and only eat when I am truly hungry.

This has worked pretty well, but sometimes I will feel hungry (stomach rumbling and everything) and then a few minutes later I'm completely fine.

For example, this morning I got up and took a shower and while I was in the shower I started feeling hungry. By the time I got out of the shower I wasn't hungry in the least and I didn't feel hungry again until several hours later. Why is this happening? Should I eat after this happens even though I'm not hungry? Thanks for your help.


I think it's great that you're trying to eat more intuitively!

I don't see a problem with your hunger coming and going. If hunger truly passes and you don't find that you're overly hungry the following time you feel like eating, I don't think it's necessary to eat every time you feel a whim of hunger.

Try rating your hunger on a scale of 1-10 (1 = starving, and 10 = stuffed). Eat when you're at a 3-4 and stop at a 7-8.

You can even keep a record of this with my mindful eating journal, Raisin Awareness.

Read more about the hunger scale and mindful eating here.

Here's a great resource: Intuitive Eatingby Evelyn Tribole.

Keep up the good work!!

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