Healthy Breakfast Choices at a Buffet


What are healthy breakfast choices at a buffet style breakfast?

Buffets present a challenge to healthy eating because focus is usually on quantity of food, not quality of food.

However, if you look carefully, you can find a handful of nutritious choices:

  • oatmeal

  • fresh fruit

  • hard boiled eggs

  • scrambled eggs

  • Canadian bacon

  • yogurt

  • English muffins

  • Whole grain cereal (such as Shredded Wheat or Cheerios) and skim milk

Try to avoid/limit

  • high fat breakfast pastries (muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, croissants)

  • high fat breakfast meats such (bacon and sausage)

  • corned beef hash

  • home fries

Also avoid trying to eat as much as you can simply "to get your money's worth!"

As a rule of thumb, try to select

1. Protein (e.g., eggs, yogurt, milk, a slice of lowfat cheese, Canadian bacon)

2. At least 2 fruits and/or vegetables (e.g., fresh fruit, tomato slices, small glass of OJ, small glass of tomato juice or V-8)

3. Good quality carbohydrates (e.g., oatmeal, whole grain cereal, whole wheat toast)

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