Avoid The Freshman 15

Avoid gaining the dreaded "Freshman Fifteen" by being part of the Official Freshman 15 Challenge.

Chances are you've heard the campus legend:

College freshmen can expect to pack on an extra 15 pounds by the end of their first year away at school. (Thus the term "freshman 15" or "frosh 15".)

Whether fact or folklore, freshman 15 weight gain becomes a living, breathing reality for too many college students.

Don't let it happen to you.

Get the lowdown on college freshman weight gain.

How the Freshman 15 Challenge Works

  1. Make a pledge to "Avoid the Freshman Fifteen":
    • Submit your pledge to make your intention official!
  2. Print this weight tracker form and record your weight:
    • At the beginning of the term
    • At the end of the term
    • Optional: At regular intervals as well (ex: once/wk), but no more than once/day!
  3. Take your picture (optional)
  4. Review "coursework" on the Freshman Fifteen, beginning with
    Course 101: Freshman 15 Causes
  5. Print the Official Freshman 15 Food Journal, make copies, and use as needed.
  6. Tell us what happens! Submit your freshman weight gain (or no weight gain) story along with your pictures (optional) so others can learn from you.

Note: It's OK to make your pledge any time during the school year, but ideally do so at the beginning of the term. You can consider the "term" either one semester or the entire first school year.

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Enjoy the term!

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