Don't be a hater - It's a great diet!

by Debby
(Ewa Beach, HI, USA)

I did the original Beverly Hills diet in the late 80's and loved it! Lost 50lbs.

Didn't gain it back until mid 90's from having 3 kids in 5 years. I used it again in 2000 when I was all done nursing and lost the 40lbs. I had gained from my 3 pregnancies. It worked and it has stayed off.

Recommending to a friend, she told me about this site, so I felt I should post. Don't know how or why Judy Mazel died but she did a lot of yo-yo dieting and took a lot of pills prior to "discovering" this diet, so I would assume that may have had an affect on her health.

It is detoxing and cleans up your skin as well as helping to lose weight. It also teaches you a lot about will power, like she said, "nothing is leaving the planet." Those words stick with me until today!

Fortunately I live in Hawaii and the fruits are not so expensive for me, I even have a mango tree in my yard.

I recommend trying it to cleanse and to lose weight. I also know many, many people that swear by eating fruit ALONE! Science can not explain everything.

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