Grocery Shopping

by Steve
(married to Suzette)

"Okay," you ask, "how is grocery shopping a weight loss tool? Because if it is, I should weigh about thirty pounds!"

When I do the shopping, I'm in control of what food comes into the house. I avoid the foods I can't control myself around.

If I weren't doing the shopping, those foods might make their way into the house. And you know what would happen then!

Of course, there are foods that I can't control myself around, but that if I could never have them again, life wouldn't be worth living!

I have a grocery shopping answer to that dilemma too. Are you ready?...

I only get to buy them when they're on sale. And I mean deeply discounted. That makes shopping an adventure. I never know which week the Michael Seasons' White Cheddar Cheese Puffs are going to come home with me!

It's like playing the lottery, except at the grocery store I know that eventually I'm going to win. I think that goes with Suzette's philosophy that any diet that starts with, "I'll never have _____ again," is destined to fail.

Maybe you already do the grocery shopping. But maybe if you did it my way you might lose some more weight!

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Keep Shopping
by: Suzette Kroll-Barancik, RD

I love your approach, not only because you are my husband, but because it's actually a good one! Strategic grocery shopping really CAN be considered a weight loss tool!

Whatever a person buys and brings into the house, they wind up eating. So why not keep a safe house? If we make temptations inconvenient, we choose them less often. It just makes sense.

And of course, your way of doing it saves a little money too, and I'm all for that!

And just so everyone knows...

...the Michael Seasons' White Cheddar Cheese Puffs must have been DEEPLY discounted this week, because I see them in the kitchen. :)

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