Lost 100 pounds
6 small meals a day helped

Jill Knapp
Wife,Mom,Diabetes Advocate
Before weight: 237

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy at age 37. I was having headaches after the pregnancy and just not feeling well, I thought it was from having a sick newborn.

Finally, at about 8 months, I went to see the doctor to be checked for the headaches, and I found out I had put on 15 extra pounds. It was so depressing.

I also found out I have Type 2 diabetes that was even more depressing. I was determined right then that I was going to get the weight off, and I did!

My husband and kids mean the world to me. Being able to live a long life was an important factor and motivation to lose the weight.

How I Did It:

I logged my food, ate six small meals a day and had no refined sugar.

Finding out I had Type 2 diabetes helped me have a paradigm shift in the way I think, and I did a lifestyle change versus a diet.

Four days a week, cardio mixed with weight training was my exercise routine.

I did the Mrs. Idaho pageant after losing a total of 100 pounds, I was 2nd runner up. Won Best Interview and Mrs. Congeniality.

I am now a motivational speaker to motivate others to lose weight and get healthy. I am a diabetes advocate.

It brings me great joy to share my story with others and in doing so, I inspire them to "get up and get moving!"

After Weight: 137

A few tips that may help:

* Be consistent
* Believe in yourself
* Find support- weight loss group like TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). It did help. Being accountable once a week is a big deal and will aid you to success.
* 6 small healthy meals a day
* Exercise a min of 4 days a week
* Drink your 8 glasses of water a day
* Baby steps! Be proud of every pound gone. It took along time to put the weight on and it will take some time to get it off.
* Best wishes!!

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