Loving and Leaving the Zone Diet

by Ellie

Back in 1996 ( it must have been the Zone Year) I read Barry Sear's book and found it really interesting. Even though it was somewhat technical, it made a lot of sense to me and I decided to try it.

I was working at the time so I had to plan my meals carefully and make them easy...so I started the day with an egg white omelet with some on hand veggies, Parmesan cheese one piece of Ezekiel bread toast and a little peanut butter....protein, veg, carb and fat.

Lunch was tuna and cannelleni beans and a bit of olive oil. ( something easy I could pack).

Meals at home for dinner were of the zone ratio. I also had two snacks a day of the zone ratio.

When I followed it...I had NO HUNGER...and felt great....lost at least 20 pounds. was very energetic when in the ZONE...it was true. My body literally transformed.

However, always eating in the proper ratio is difficult....and I got tired of it... so I gained weight back once I started eating in my usual manner.

But my memories of it, are grand,...at times I still aspire to trying it again. My commitment is not the same.

It worked for me and is worthwhile reading. That insulin aspect for me seems to be true. Now I'm WW and have lost 15 pounds but have gradually regained 6 and am getting on and off tracking. However I can eat what I want without the zone thinking.

But I felt really good when I did the Zone ....

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