by Jennifer
(North Windham, CT)

I just want people to know that Nutrisystem is working for me. I have been on the women's vegetarian plan since May 16, 2009 and I have lost 28 lbs. I walk every day which I guess is key. Because I'm on the vegetarian I do not have as many choices, but I like the way the diet is structured and I like savory foods so I'm very happy with the food that is on the high side of salt. I just make sure I do not add salt to any of my other foods.

I have been wanting to shed at least 50 lbs for over 5 years and finally, I am on my way and this has been the most enjoyable summer because I have clothes I can fit into and my appetite is satisfied and the food is very convenient. I have noticed on the discussion groups at the Nutrisystem site that some people do not like the food and they sell off their order. All I can say is that I have found it yummy, but there isn't much I do not eat.

I'm just putting this out there for anyone that wants to ask me any questions about Nutrisytem and what I have experienced. I'm on auto delivery and I have paid anywhere from $249 to $299 5 weeks of food. I've been able to reduce the price by signing up for auto delivery and I've been able to use the Buddy System and give a code to people just starting so we have both saved $30 on our order. I've used that twice.

The convenience for me is why I keep paying. I really don't know how much longer I can keep ordering it, but I understand from their discussion boards that people have found tricks to stretch their food to save money.

Any questions about NS I'd be glad to answer and share my experience. Oh, and there is Splenda in many of their foods and I can't digest that so you can custom your orders to avoid Splenda...that was a must or I was going to have to quit the first month.


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