Real or Not,
Mayo Clinic Diet Can Work

by Marti
(Aurora, IL)

My husband and I tried this "diet" about 3 years ago and both lost the weight we wanted. We each wanted to lose 20 lbs and succeeded, rather quickly I might ad.

What I found out later is NOT that the food combination is good (healthy) or even the key to the weight loss but that it's actually the amount of calories (I think around 1,000 per day) that jolt your body into losing weight.

I had a good friend try it and she actually gained weight but that's because she was consuming LESS than 1,000 calories a day when she started so it didn't work for her.

Another good friend tried it and she got so sick, she ended up in the emergency room. In her case, her calorie consumption was over 2,000 a day when she started and so her body went into shock when she tried to live on only 1,000. Add to that the fact that she didn't do the 3 days on, 4 off, but tried to do it everyday. After about 6 days her body started to give out, literally. She nearly had kidney failure.

So... yes, I agree that is not an actual DIET nor should anyone try it even though it did work for me. It scared me to death after my friend got so sick on it.

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