Awesome's Weight Loss Journey

by Linda J Lombardo
(Marlborough MA USA)

I am the biggest in this group on our workteam to Dominica

I am the biggest in this group on our workteam to Dominica

RNY gastric bypass, January 3, 2008, 4 weeks ago. My highest weight was 340# more than 18 months before surgery and 263# on December 20th just prior to surgery. Current weight: 243#

I wish I had known sooner that this operation was being performed in our state. I only read newspaper articles that mentioned problems, not really showing successes. I love my doctor.

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...Scale Whore confessions
by: Jayleigh

My issue with the scale is more about confirming that I have done everything right... seeing that number be the same or lower than it was that morning is a high. I also don't worry when it goes up, slightly, or stalls. I know that, without my surgery, I would be gaining, gaining, gaining... and my body is just adjusting to the new food intake, exercise and healthy treatment it is receiving! I had surgery (RNY) in Feb of 09 and have lost over forty pounds. This is the most amazing thing I have ever done for myself. Every day is a blessing and challenge! The scale is my way of keeping myself honest and rewarding myself for every day... it is positive reinforcement. I look in the mirror and see a difference, but my brain is still "fat." I'm a scale whore, believe you me!

Way to go!
by: Steve (Suzette's husband)

Linda, hi. I'm fascinated by the whole weight loss surgery thing. Thanks for keeping everyone up to date.

I have a question. You say the scale keeps calling your name, and from a human nature standpoint I can certainly understand that. You want to know what your new digestive system is doing for you!

What I'm wondering is this: did your doctor speak to you about having a "time window" in which you are likely to lose most or all of your weight? I've read this from other WLS patients. If so, does that enter into your thinking? Are you trying to lose as much as you can as fast as you can?

ah but I lost more weight
by: Linda

Okay, tell me how many people can go to a birthday party, and a Super Bowl party and lose two pounds that weekend?

I did and am so happy.

I am down to 241 pounds.

I try to stay away from the scale but it keeps calling my name.

Good Progress
by: Suzette Kroll-Barancik, RD

Kudos to you for losing almost 80 pounds on your own prior to the surgery. That's an accomplishment that deserves praise. I'm glad to hear you're happy with your surgeon and your results thus far. Keep us updated on how you continue to progress!
(WOW about a trip to Dominica!!)

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