Weight Loss Surgery:
Is It An Answer?

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Tell about your weight loss surgery and results
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Is weight loss surgery right for you?

You're the only one who can make that decision!

Bariatric surgery is BIG business. A lot of doctors are getting very rich from performing lap band, gastric bypass, VSG, and the duodenal switch.

It makes my blood boil when I see doctors advertising surgery as a permanent "solution" to overweight/obesity. That's the problem with advertising! You only hear one side of the story.

Those profiting from your surgery are likely going to give you a great and convincing sales pitch.

My suggestion?

Talk to and read about others who have had surgical weight loss procedures. Those who've actually gone through the experience can provide valuable information and insight.

That's why I'm creating this section of the site.

After corresponding with blogger Jen Olski, I knew what I needed to do. I needed to create a forum on this site where people could share their weight loss surgery stories with those considering surgery.

Won't that be more helpful than hearing from some cheeseburger-deprived doctor about how happy you're going to be when you look like him/her? You can decide for yourself whether the costs (and risks) outweigh the benefits.

My hope is that these unbiased accounts will give you better insight as to what life might be like after bariatric surgery. Use the informtion to help you make the best decision for YOU.

Have You Had Weight Loss Surgery?

Anyone who has had weight loss surgery has had their own unique experience with it. You're a pioneer! Could you please share the benefit of your experience with people who are considering similar surgery??? They're wondering...

How you made your decision, whether you're happy with that decision, and what life is like now, post-surgery.

What shall we call your story?

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Read the experiences of people who have had weight loss surgery

Click below to read each person's story

Over the hill--Roux En Y Bastric Bypass 
When was your weight loss surgery? 11-5-2008 Which surgery was it? RNY Starting weight or BMI: 250 lb. Current weight or BMI: 145 lb. I had …

Is weight loss surgery success possible without help? 
Lost in the health care system after gastric bypass weight loss surgery. I had my roux-en-y gastric bypass weight loss surgery November 16, 2006. …

5 Years After Roux-en-Y Weight Loss Surgery 
Micki's Change When was your surgery? June 14, 2004 Which surgery was it? roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery Starting weight or BMI: 485lbs …

Gastric Bypass Mom 
The New Me! Starting weight: 295 lb. Current weight: 200 lb. I am married with three children. I live in Sacramento, Ca. I had gastric bypass weight …

Skinny Me...Thanks to the Gastric Sleeve 
When was your surgery? May 14, 2008 Which surgery was it? Sleeve Tube Gastrectomy Starting weight or BMI: 288 pounds Current weight or BMI: 162 pounds …

Todd's Lap-Band journey 
Lap-band, May 7, 2007 Starting weight: 329 lb. Current weight (9/08): 232lb. I love my band. I waited a while trying to get the weight off the old …

Becoming skinny biddy 
Gastric Banding, 12th March 2008 (almost 3 months ago) BMI before: 45 / Current BMI: 40 (I've lost 15 kilos in three months!) In the last few days …

Fooseberry's return 
RNY, February 7, 2007. Starting weight: Normally 306 lbs but down to 288 lbs day of surgery. Current weight: 178ish. I am an impulse kind of gal. …

Working On Freedom 
Lap RNY, April 16, 2007. Starting wt./BMI: 277lbs/50 Current wt./BMI: 150lbs/27. I still struggle w/ head hunger and wanting to binge, but my small …

Awesome's Weight Loss Journey 
RNY gastric bypass, January 3, 2008, 4 weeks ago. My highest weight was 340# more than 18 months before surgery and 263# on December 20th just prior to …

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures 
Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, Feb. 24, 2005, 2 yrs. 10 mos. ago Starting weight: 335/BMI: 58 Current weight: 135-145/BMI: 24-25 Bariatric …

Hot Fat 4 Sale...CLEARANCE! 
Laproscopic RNY, August 26, 2005 (2 yrs, 4 mos, 2 days) Before: 317lbs/51 BMI After: 159lbs/26 BMI At the age of 37, I had raging blood sugars, rising …

My Journey 
Written 12/27/07. Surgery 7/29/03. I had always been chunky since I was little. I was even given a case of Metracal as a 14 yr old one X-mas. Talk about …

Penny's Weight Loss Story 
Date: 12/27/07 How long since surgery? 8 weeks Type of surgery: Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass I am 34 years old. I've been looking into WLS (weight …

I had a Roux-en-Y on Dec. 12th, 2007. (Nine days ago!) The surgery went well. I made it a point to get up and walk every 2 hours. Friday Dec. 14th I came …

The Awful Truth 
Hi, I had weight loss surgery on April 16, 2002. I started my complications from day one. Two weeks ago I just had my 10th surgery due from complications …

Too bad I had to lose so much, to lose so much.... 
I had my WLS on 11/16/2005. Before that I was running a very profitable in-home daycare and my husband and I together made around 70k that year. Life …

BEWARE!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 
In 1999, I had an open rny (non-laparascopic Roux-en-Y surgery). The place I had it done was basically a "snip, clip and ship" business. Before surgery, …

Sometimes A Person Does The Right Things and Still Fails 
I have been super morbidly obese (SMO) for 47 of my 58 years. Over the years my doctors have put me on water diets, balanced diets, protein sparing fasts, …

Elinor's MGB Journey 
I was not an overweight child until I reached puberty. When I started putting on weight, I started getting teased by my brothers and sisters. My nickname …

Melting Mama 
My stats: Highest weight: 320 lbs. Lowest post-op: 147 lbs. Highest regain: 210 lbs. Current weight: 159-162 lbs. The spouse's stats: …

My Gastric Sleeve (VSG) Journey 
When was your weight loss surgery? June 11, 2010 Which surgery was it? Sleeve (VSG) Starting weight or BMI: 36.6 Current weight or BMI: 143.8 …

Size 2 After Bariatric Surgery,
But Not All Sunshine and Lollipops
Gastric bypass (RNY) weight loss surgery January 2007. Starting weight: 236 lbs. Current weight: 124 lbs. The good news: I'm a size 2. Bad news: …

Roux-en-Y Battle Field 
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux-en-Y) 12-19-08 Starting weight:296 lbs. Current weight:220 lbs. I began my journey well over 15 years …

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