Roux-en-Y Battle Field

by Bernadine Lewis Garland
(Jasper, Texas)

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux-en-Y) 12-19-08

Starting weight:296 lbs.

Current weight:220 lbs.

I began my journey well over 15 years ago.

I joined the military in 1976 right after graduation from high school. During high school I was a cheerleader, played basketball, Mrs jhs, ...You name it, I was in it...very active.

I had my first child at 27 (a boy), and my second baby boy at 32. Went to Operation Desert Shield, calm and storm in Saudia Arabia. I was a medical lab tech. I knew about health and fitness.

I stayed in the army for 16 years. After I got out the weight began to climb fron 138 lbs. to 296 lbs. I had diabetes, GERD, high blood pressure, sleep apena, arthritis. You name it, I had it. I could not pitcure my self living a couple of years longer.

My oldest son had 2 babies, my mon died in august from lung cancer, complicated by diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and she was bed ridden for over 2 years from a fall which she broken her (sadness).

My sister scheduled a gastric lap band surgery date. That's when I got on the ball. Her date was Dec 18, 2008 and I found a doctor. I had intended to get a lap band but after my 2 boys and I talked to the doctor and his nurse I chose the gastric bypass instead. MY WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY DATE WAS SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER 19, 2008. I was happy.

I had been dieting for the past 5 years and more so in the past 2 years. I am a person that can follow instruction. That's why I did not understand why I could not lose the weight. It was steadily piling on.

I take vitamins daily so that has not been a problem for me. As a matter of fact, I believe that it has help my transition and my healing (so start taking care of yourself before weight loss surgery ...or just period).

The day of surgery was not bad. The doc told me that I would feel like a Mack truck had run over me. HE WAS RIGHT!! I hurt something terrible. I cried. I was hurt..hurt..hurt. But I followed instruction...and hurt. I have not dumped. I would do it again. I was off all meds that week. The only med I take is vitamins. I can walk, and talk with out shortness of breath. I no longer snore. I am LIVING. No, it is not easy. I can't eat much but I am not hungry. I get my protein and I take liquid calcium/magesium, chewable Centrum, vitamin C, vitamin B12, acia puree, and liquid protein if I can't get enough in for the day.

I'm happy. Everyone says I look like I did in high school and that's with losing 76lb.(I was hard fat...I tell everyone that I was just being fattened for the kill.)

I haven't had a bad day since...except for the first 4-5 days after surgery. I just took my 3 month blood studies..waiting to see if all is well.

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