BEWARE!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

by Cherylann

In 1999, I had an open rny (non-laparascopic Roux-en-Y surgery). The place I had it done was basically a "snip, clip and ship" business. Before surgery, I was given VERY little information and NO counseling. I was given a "sales pitch" and I bought it lock, stock and barrel! I believed I was getting was a "dream come true" opportunity.

By having this procedure done, I was told I would: lose the weight, never regain it, and feel much better about my appearance. Oh and the REALLY BIG BENEFIT I would get was to be a much healthier person.

I DID lose the weight. As for me being much healthier... that didn't happen. I was much healthier BEFORE this surgery! During the past eight years, I have had one problem after another. Here are some of the issues I have had or continue to struggle with:

  • Chronic Anemia (requiring transfusions and infusions)

  • Extreme Anaphylaxis (of unknown origin)

  • EXTREME Hypoglycemic Reactions (levels dropping into the 20's)

  • Dizziness

  • Fainting

  • Vitamin deficiencies

  • Mineral deficiencies

  • Gallbladder Removal

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Asthma

  • Hernia

  • Extreme Fatigue

  • Migraines

  • Depression

  • Intense Joint pains

  • Grasping capacity greatly reduced

  • Pain during exercise

  • Wrist pain when trying to take a lid off or lift heavy objects

  • FREQUENT Flu-like pain/ache

  • Low Back Pain

  • Chest Pain (sternum area)

  • Hard to Breathe

  • Veins in fingers burst frequently = causing pain

  • Hands and Feet feel like they have been frostbit

  • Legs and feet feel like they are being stuck by pins and needles

  • Allergies

  • Memory Problems

  • Living with varying degrees of pain on a DAILY basis

  • Depressed Immune System

  • Medication Absorption Problems

  • Malnutrition

  • Bruising

  • Sores slow to heal

  • Least little thing causing skin tears/bleeding

  • Skin Thinning

  • Skin went from healthy looking to the look of "leather"

  • Look older than I am

Repeatedly, I have been told nothing is wrong. I WISH this was all in my imagination and wasn't real, but it is. Had I known THEN what I know NOW I wouldn't have taken such a drastic step! It has NOT been worth the long term misery I have endured. To choose a procedure that gave me temporary weight loss and left me feeling like crud, most of the time, would have been insane.

When I was down to 122 pounds, my problems were taken seriously and efforts were made to help me. Then, my weight started creeping back, so attention went from health issues to weight issues. Many of the same problems I had at my lowest weight, I am still having now. Apparently, unless a "test" comes back DRASTICALLY abnormal you are treated like you are making things up.

I wish I had not had wls (weight loss surgery). The long term health cost (financially and emotionally) has been astronomical! I do not and will not recommend this surgery to anyone. I wouldn't wish these problems off on my worst enemy. Anyone considering such a life altering, drastic step really needs to become very educated on what can and can't happen. AND never, for ONE MINUTE believe YOU cannot regain the lost weight. Maybe you won't... but if that would happen... is it worth it?


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Hi Suzette!
by: Cherylann

First, let me say "THANK YOU!" for undertaking such a project AND for the willingness to keep an open mind. Your willingness to listen or allow actual weight loss surgery people to present their experiences (good or bad) is a credit to your profession AND especially to you. I must tell you, seeing a honest effort to investigate BEYOND the hype is encouraging and impressive.

I also want to thank you for NOT jumping on the "weight loss surgery bandwagon" and throwing common sense and caution to the wind. Unless efforts are made, now, these surgeries are going to continue to increase. We may cut back on SEEING obese human beings, BUT that doesn't mean the surgery will create "healthy" people. Once upon a time, coal oil was taken internally and believed to be a great healer. Snails were used for health purposes. Those practices claimed hundreds of lives but took a long time before anyone put a stop to it.

In more ways than one, you are doing the right and RESPONSIBLE thing. May you prosper in all that you do and know your actions can have a great, positive impact. Again, thank you.


Your Bad Outcome
by: Suzette Kroll Barancik, RD

Cherylann, I'm so sorry for what you've been through, and I'm so appreciative that you're willing to share it.

Can I tell you what I wish for you?

I've heard from other people with terrible outcomes, with long lists of horrible health issues not unlike your own.

What I've heard from a few of them is a degree of acceptance. They seem to have gotten past anger at what's been done to them. I think it lets them get on with life a little more.

I hope you can get to a place like that too. Please write back (by commenting on this page) to let everyone know if things ever get a little better.

Thanks and good luck,


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