Size 2 After Bariatric Surgery,
But Not All Sunshine and Lollipops

by Cat

Gastric bypass (RNY) weight loss surgery January 2007.

Starting weight: 236 lbs.
Current weight: 124 lbs.

The good news: I'm a size 2.

Bad news: I nearly died from a bowel obstruction afterward (2 weeks in intensive care one week after the surgery, 2 days spent hovering near death) and now battle daily nausea still, almost 3 years later.

I take zofran now, the drug of choice to control nausea in chemo patients.

My thyroid went ballistic so I'm on medication to control how hyperactive it became.

I now have good days and bad days. The diabetes did not go away as almost everyone's does, which was the main reason I had the surgery. Still on meds for that.

Still, I wouldn't describe it as all bad. I no longer hate myself as I did when I was fat. I don't get out of breath doing simple tasks. I can buy clothes right off the rack. I don't break into a cold sweat getting on an airplane, worrying about if I'll fit in the seat.

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