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by Jennifer
(Cape Cod, Ma)

I am half the person in a size 50 pants.

I am half the person in a size 50 pants.

RNY, February 7, 2007.
Starting weight: Normally 306 lbs but down to 288 lbs day of surgery.
Current weight: 178ish.

I am an impulse kind of gal. I saw the ad for an informational meeting about Gastric Bypass. At that meeting they asked if you wanted further info to book an appt with the surgeon. My first appt was Novemeber 7th a Saturday. I had surgery 3 months later to the day. I did complete approx. 15 appointments with doctors, nutritionists and the educational classes required by the doctor. I have been told this is one of the best programs as the aftercare and follow up support is excellent.

I am now a size 12 and people tell me I look great. You can't beat 130 lbs lost.

The negative side- I don't think I look great. I look good but still have a large belly that appears huge to me. You can not erase the negative thinking that was there before the weight is lost. This is something separate that needs to be worked on as well as the physical change.

No I do not regret having the surgery but I do still need to work on the "voices in the head".

It has changed me forever for the good and the bad.

On the positive side-I have almost endless energy. I am training to run a 5K and can keep up with my 2 small children. I am one of the lucky ones that did not have co-morbidities but was tired and out of breath with little activity. Now I can carry my daughter in the laundry basket up the stairs withouot a struggle.

My advice is to look at all options and don't rush into it. Also keep up with your aftercare-It is imperative for your health post-op!!

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Surgery Doesn't Affect the Brain
by: Suzette Kroll-Barancik, RD

Congrats on your success and what a great picture!

Your story is a good reminder that surgery doesn't affect the brain...Those stories we tell ourselves about ourselves are still there post op. I hope those considering surgery will take this in to account.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your 5K!

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