Todd's Lap-Band journey

by Todd
(Phoenix AZ)

Lap-band, May 7, 2007

Starting weight: 329 lb.
Current weight (9/08): 232lb.

I love my band. I waited a while trying to get the weight off the old fashioned way and did... Then put it back on over time, plus some.

When I finally took the plunge and did the surgery path I was at 329 lbs and was starting to have health issues. The only bad thing I can really talk of is the occasional food stuck in the band which then triggers vomiting. If I am careful it does not happen, if I am not, then bad things happen, like swelling around the band preventing me from eating and drinking normal... This has only happened once in the time I have been banded.

I only wish I had done the surgery sooner. I wish I had known that life after the band was going to be this active and fulfilling. I feel I wasted a few years being so overweight that I was limited in my activities.

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Good Reminder
by: Suzette Kroll-Barancik, RD


Congrats to you on your success! Way to go!

Thanks for reminding everyone that you have to be careful how you eat with the lap-band or you'll have negative consequences (vomiting). If you start getting pay!

It sounds like you've done a great job of being careful and I'm glad you're enjoying your success.

Keep up the great work!

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