Can I lose weight without
lap band surgery

Hi - I am due for a lap band operation on Sunday 28 March 2010 and I am now wondering do I need to put myself through this procedure to lose weight.

I have cut down on my food intake and am now eating a healthy selection of food. Consequently I have lost 2.3 stone in the last two months. (23st now 20st).

My question is if I keep to my new eating regime and exercise more can I keep losing weight without a lap band.

I am determined to stick to my healthy eating regime if it will benefit weight loss.


It is absolutely possible to lose weight without having weight loss surgery!

Gastric banding is simply a tool to help you lose weight, but it requires that you make a lifelong change in eating habits and exercise too.

More about gastric lap band surgery here and free weight loss help can be found here.

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