Chinese Buffets

by Harry
(San Antonio, TX)

My killer food is the Chinese Buffets of which there are four close by that serve a delicious variety of Oriental Delights, especially my favorite: seafood. One in particular, Chop Stix in Summit Parkway off Loop 410 West has shrimp, boiled, fried, sautéed and with veggies, wrapped in bacon, sushi and in casserole. I go there once a month.

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PIck 2-3 items at a Buffet
by: Suzette Kroll Barancik, RD


First off, good job on limiting the killer food by frequenting Chinese Buffets only once a month!

I also recommend limiting the number of choices at a buffet to 2-3. Survey the whole buffet first and decide on 2 or 3 of the most delicious things you want to eat.

If I'm ever in San Antonio, I'll have to "research" this Chop Stix! Enjoy!


It's all about portion control, right?
by: Sis

Harry in San Antonio: It's always a challenge to control my portions at a buffet, but I'm up to the challenge anytime. So,I would like to join you at Chop Stix the next time you go. I've got my eye on those green beans in the photograph. (Can you eat too many green beans?)

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