Your Diet Buster:
Described in Yummy Detail

Diet Busters

diet buster foods

You know what I'm talking about...

...the food you love to hate...and hate to love.

That one food that...

...if ONLY you could stop eating it...'d lose weight.

Don't worry...

...we all have to deal with these totally tempting weight loss terrorists! Including me. And I'm a nutrition professional.

A "diet buster" is usually the first food you decide you have to "give up" when "going on a diet." And while avoiding that food for awhile is certainly possible, usually it doesn't work. Why?

Because let's face it: that calorie culprit just happens to be your favorite food! Inevitably you miss it, you crave it, and then, when you finally give in, inevitably you overeat it.

A better approach?

Learn to live WITH the foods you love, not WITHOUT.

Instead of making any food "strictly off limits," I suggest making "rules" concerning it.

The rules must define:

  • how often
  • how much, and
  • in what situation a food/beverage is consumed

My personal ice cream rules:

  • I don't keep it in the house. I will only eat it by going to an ice cream parlor (the situation).
  • I allow myself to have it 2x/wk (how often),
  • by driving (or walking!) to the ice cream store and buying a child size cup (how much).

Get it?

This is ONE way to manage YOUR diet buster...

Now tell everyone about that delicious food that you can't resist, that one yummy item that always gets the best of you. By talking about it (in scrumptious detail), you might find yourself better able to think about it and deal with it. Give it a try!

(Or see what others have written about their diet busters first.)

What's Your Diet Killer?

Everyone has that one food that sends them out of control! Which food is YOUR diet buster? Get it out of your system by telling us ALL about the power it has over you!

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