cookies & chocolate candy

by Margie

I just had 4 house guests and you guessed it, they all brought lethal goodies -- special chocolate candies of various kinds including a chocolate covered mint toffee, almond & cashew dark chocolate bark, & homemade fudgy, nutty, marshmallowy chocolate brownies! Besides which, I had bought M&M almonds, bagels, English muffins, coffee cake, and Nestle chocolate covered ice cream "drumsticks!" And now the guests are all gone but the goodies remain! HELP!

And to top it all off, a neighbor fills a container with chocolate candies constantly, & leaves it next to the elevator! I'm doomed!!


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2 options
by: Suzette

Well Margie,

I think you have only 2 options:

1. Pack everything in a box and mail it to me and I will make sure it gets disposed of.

2. "Throw it out or throw it in." Either way it's going to waste (or "waist").

I practice this principle at home and it drives my husband nuts. He can't understand how I can throw away perfectly good food. I can't understand why he wants to keep it around if he knows he's just going to overeat it. And you know what...

...I wind up overeating too when yummies are in sight and in mind! Anyone would!

When food is readily available, tastes good, and is in sight, human biology tells you to eat. Controlling your immediate environment (ie, throw the food out) is a lot simpler than fighting your chemistry (trying NOT to eat when food is around).

I guess another option would be to find new friends...

...or at least ones who come bearing carrot sticks :)

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