Ice cream - sweets in general

by Naomi Koudouris
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

I love ice cream treats. I already follow the rule you mentioned above about not having it in the house. The only sweets I do allow are Sugar Free fudge pops, sugar free pudding and sugar free yogurt (not sure if that is really considered a "sweet", but I kind of consider it that because I usually have it for dessert), but sometimes especially when I get home late from work, I will overindulge in the sugar free fudge pops and sugar free pudding just because I need to destress and I am usually hungry even though I may have had dinner.

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Sweet alternative
by: Aunt C.

I just read the suggestion Suzette mentioned about having a fruit bowl or basket in view so when you feel like eating something sweet you'll reach for fruit (fruit is sweet!) instead of processed sweets. Hey, even Suzette's Mom caught on! Did you read that page? (
A colorful basket of colorful fruit just calls you over! The trick is to go the store often and buy fruit to keep it stocked!

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