Potato Chips

by John
(San Antonio, TX )

Instead of making a New Year's resolution and going on a diet, I've decided to work on a more balanced approach to eating. So, I may have a chip or two, but not very often and certainly not the whole bag. I'm eating more yogurts, fruits and leaner cuts of meat. No more fried stuff or lots of bread, which also seem to be a bad thing for my metabolism. So far, so good. I've not felt this good in quite some time and don't have the "cravings" I used to have. So far, I really don't miss this stuff and have more energy. I travel a lot and am in the food business, so it's pretty easy to fall into some bad habits: eating late, sitting around the hotel room, eating fast food all the time. For me, planning what I'm going to eat during a given day on the road is helpful.

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Planning ahead!
by: Lou

Wow. Planning meals ahead of time is a great idea! I'd like to hear more about how you go about that. Do you decide which restaurants you will go to? what you will order? not order? Do you pack your snacks? Eating away from home is a tough challenge. You have a good plan working, as evidenced by the fact that you feel better. Congratulations and continued success to you.

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