by Sandy

My husband loves to cook and every time he makes pasta I can't eat only one plate.. I am back for 2 or even sometimes 3.. How do you stop that.. I just feel so hungry....

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by: Sandy

Thank you so much for your help.. I will try it and see what happens. I appreciate all your help..

Portion Control with Pasta
by: Suzette Kroll, RD

I agree...pasta is yummy and it's hard to stop at one plate.

Here are some ideas to help you control your pasta portions:

1. Put leftovers away before you sit down to eat. If you want seconds, it will be more work to get it from the refrigerator and heat it up again.

2. Cook less pasta to begin with. If there aren't seconds available to go back to, then you won't!

3. Try whole wheat pasta. The fiber in it helps you feel full on a smaller portion.

4. Substitute spaghetti squash for some (or all) of spaghetti.

5. Learn to differentiate between "hunger" and "appetite." Hunger is physical and appetite is "head hunger." It's ok to "want" to eat because food tastes good, but that doesn't mean you need to. Use my mindful eating journal to unveil the patterns and situations that trigger "head hunger."

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