Currently on Medifast

by Nick
(Houston, Texas)

My roommate did the Medifast Diet and lost 40 pounds (he has gained 10 back). So I tried it and I have been on the Medifast Diet for 3 1/2 weeks now.

I weighed roughly 200 pounds when I started and am now at roughly 185 (I don't know the exact weight I started at because I had a bad scale and then upgraded to a better one. For my height, I was very overweight.)

I felt horrible for the first three days, but on the fourth day I began feeling a lot more awake with more energy. There are a few times I feel tired, but many more times that I feel like I have a lot more energy now that I am doing Medifast.

Some of the foods taste ok-like one shake tastes like chocolate milk, the soups taste o.k., but I am not so big on constantly eating powdered foods that have to be combined with water.

This diet is very expensive, but I think that it's much easier to keep up with because I just pick one of the meals that I have pre-planned for me. It makes it easier not to break the plan with all the food I want to eat.

It has helped me to break some of my bad eating habits that I have because I now eat only the Medifast meals and normally lettuce or spinach and fish or chicken.

It may be difficult for some to stick with it, because you must be willing to deny yourself a lot of the bad foods that you have been accustomed to eating.

But for me, because it costs 299.50 for 4 weeks ( with 1 week free with VIP Membership, which doesn't cost anything FYI) it helps me to stick with it because it costs so much. It's kind of like an investment that, because it costs so much, I don't want to waste the money I've spent by breaking the diet--which is an incentive in it's own way.

I will be on this diet for another 6 1/2 weeks and then transition to eating healthier and living healthier. I begin an exercise program this week to help transition to maintaining the weight loss after I'm off this diet.

I don't look at this like it is a permanent thing, but rather a temporary bridge to help me get to where I want to be. I have lost some weight and if you want to lose some weight, you can do Medifast too--but you have to dedicate yourself.

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