Free Weight Loss Support
Diet with a Buddy

Free Weight Loss Support

Sure, you can go about losing weight on your own...

...but why would you want to when establishing a good weight loss support system could mean the difference between success and failure?

I probably don't have to tell you that having someone on your side - someone you can share with as you try to diet successfully - can be a powerful thing. There is research showing that such accountability and support is more likely to lead to a positive outcome.

That's why I was SO excited when I stumbled upon a fabulous FREE online resource. I've always recommended weight loss support groups, but I think I've found the best free weight loss support you could ever ask for: a program where you can choose a dieting partner for yourself.

Now, I've always wanted to be a matchmaker...

...but I never thought about pairing up weight loss buddies...

Thank goodness someone else did!

Some of the most established weight loss/diet programs feature support groups. What's new here is using the internet to pick the right partner(s).

Weight Loss Buddy is like a "dating" service for people who share the goal of losing weight. You can find someone near you to exercise with or simply find someone to share with online or over the phone. You can even form a weight loss support group or a team. But that's not all...

Talk about free weight loss support

I joined the site myself in order to check it out and give you the inside scoop. Besides the diet buddy matching, there's a host of other free weight loss support tools...

...and the best part is that they are tools/techniques I regularly recommend...

diet partner

...planning your diet, tracking your diet, charting your progress, etc. You can enjoy even more free weight loss support by joining the conversation on one of the many topics posted in the message boards. Establish contact not just with your weight loss buddy but with all the buddies!

Free Weight Loss Support Versus Paid

It all sounds great, right? Well, it is. And I want you to know this:

I recommend starting with the FREE membership and finding a free weight loss friend. But...

The people behind this site clearly would also like to make some money. As you use Weight Loss Buddy, you'll run into some very appealing features that dead end with the announcement:

This feature is available to Weight Loss Buddy Premium Members

Features like:

1. Diet Blogging
Talk about accountability! You announce your weight loss intentions to the whole internet!
2. Customized Diets
3. Meal Planning Tools
4. Serious Food Journaling
5. An Article, Audio and eBook Library
6. Lots More

Of course, "Premium Membership" costs money. ($39.95/year as I write this.) So here's what I recommend...

Start with the free "Basic" membership and hold off on the "Premium." Why?

Because there are plenty of new things to incorporate into your life just with the free stuff.

See if Weight Loss Buddy works for you. See if you stay serious and committed to the tools, to your new support system, to weight loss in general. Then, if you find yourself "hungering" for still more success...

Treat yourself to the whole thing for a cost of about 11 cents a day.

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One other point

Weight Loss Buddy is one tool to add to your weight loss toolbox. It's certainly not the ONLY tool you should have in there.

For one on one nutrition and diet help with a Registered Dietitian, contact me.

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