Healthy Weight Loss

Hello, I am female 38yo, 233 lbs, 5’3”.

I looked at a calorie counter online and it said that to lose weight I had to eat only 1900 calories and for extreme loss I could eat 1700 calories.

However I only eat between 700-1200 calories/day. The website said that with such few calories my body could go into catabolism. What I'm wondering is...

Jarod from Subway restaurants states in his blog on that he weighed 425 and only ate 740 per day for a whole year lost a lot of weight and feels great. Can I continue with my low cal regimen without going into catabolism.

Your body may slow the rate that it burns calories due to your lowered calorie level, but you would lose weight over time if you sustained the low amount. I'd suggest eating no fewer than 1200 calories/day because it's hard to meet nutrient needs with less than that amount!

The real risk of trying to decrease calories to such a low level is the the reduced likelihood of sticking with it for an extended period of time.

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