lose 4 kilos

by prabashni
(south africa)

hi i desperatelty need to lose 4 kilo's in the next 3 weeks how can i do this without really changing much,have heard alot about the grape fruit diet, i don't have time to go to the gym or exercise. husband is taking me away on a romantic weekend we have been having some problems and need the getaway, he did mention that he would like my body to be the way is was when we 1st met,not really like that but if i could lose a few kilo's so i can look good in a costume again. pls help

Hi Prabashni

I can feel your desperation.

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of crash diets. You've got a few weeks, and if you consistently reduce your calorie intake, you should be able to lose some weight before your trip.

I'd suggest drinking 2 meal replacement shakes and eating one sensible meal per day. You could even buy frozen Weight Watchers meals to take all the guesswork out of portioning and nutritionally balancing your meals. I think you'll find you're not as hungry eating this way as you might be on a crash diet, yet you should still see results.

Hope that helps!


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