Lost 20 lbs with the Medifast Diet

by Christina
(Bend Oregon)

It was hard to get started with the Medifast diet...very low energy.

Once that went away it was pretty smooth sailing...very easy, food not too bad, works in a busy schedule, and I was able to eat real food.

After 2 months I started experiencing stomach aches and decided to go off the Medifast Diet. My stomach is still consistently bothering me and the doctors don't know what it is. (???)

I've never done any diets before and though the Medifast Diet sounded like a good idea, I've never experienced this pain before and I never had stomach issues.

I've been in tears and the pain is extremely painful. Doctors have ruled out a bunch of diagnosis. I have been experiencing stomach pain for a month.

Hmmm...don't know if it was the Medifast Diet or something else. (??)

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Severe abdominal pain NEW
by: Anonymous

I followed the diet to the letter and at the e d of the first day I had abdominal pain so severe I thought I was going to die. Not sure what was happening but it could've been a gallbladder attack. I have decided to stop the program because the pain was too severe. Anyone else experience this or know why it happened? I would love to hear from you.

Day 1 on Medifast for me... NEW
by: Natalie Norwood

I appreciate everyone who has offered their experience so I can monitor my journey in comparison. I am really looking forward to the results from Medifast and hope I am one of the fortunate ones who suffer no side effects. Best of luck and good health to all!!


Medifast Pain NEW
by: Anonymous

When I first started Medifast my stomach was upset but it did go away.(take the probiotics). My problem is that I was having severe pain, everywhere. I only work 4 hours a day and was extremely tired and was starting to feel like I was drugged. After 1 1/2 weeks I had to stop the diet. Pain went away after 2 days. Anyway contacted the center and they are going to try me on their whey based protein. Hope it works because I did lose 10 pounds!!

Soreness...rashes... NEW
by: Marcejen

First week is over this evening. Not talking about the taste of the food, but some of them send me vomiting. Also one of the bar with the nuts gave me a rash all over..My bones and muscles are so sore..anyone with the same experiences??

Bad stomach pain too
by: Anonymous

After several months on Medifast, I experienced severe stomach pain and wound up going to a gastro specialist, had endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT Scans, bloodwork, etc. Still waiting on results.

by: Judy

Yes! I have had some cramping. Mostly gas. I have narrowed it down to the cappuccino and the soup. I don't have the same problem with the other foods. I am in my second week now. I am losing well and I am just staying away from those two things.

Stomach Cramps with Medifast Diet
by: AM

I just started the Medifast diet for the 4th day. I woke up this morning with light abdominal pain centered in the pelvis area.

Tonight, the pain intensified and has been bending me over w/ extreme knife like pain as I press my area. No problem with normal bodily functions. Only feel bloated, and not hungry.

If anyone else has experience this , please contact me and forward your comments. Thank you and good luck to all.

by: Anonymous

Could it be your gallbladder? That happens sometimes.... : (

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